A powerful platform to build your own trading community

Customize your markets

Easily customize which markets you’d like your community discussions to revolve around. Filter based on asset class (forex, indices, stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies) and broken down further into the exact symbols.

ranks and badges

Our Genesif Platform comes with built-in gamification modules. You can categorize different users based on ranks and titles. You can also award special badges to users who complete certain objectives.

One-Way #Channels

One-way channels function like one-way telegram channels. You can use these channels to broadcast promotions or updates to your community.

Two-Way #Channels

You can create an unlimited number of two-way channels for various purposes such as for general discussions, support, signal request and more. You can even add restrictions to these channels to only allow users with certain ranks to enter them.

Smart Discussions

Use $ # and @ to link users to around the site. For example, $AUDUSD links a user to the $AUDUSD chart. #Channel links the user directly to a specific channel you’re talking about. @Mentions will notify users that they’ve been mentioned.

Smart Object Linking

Your community can easily discuss trading setups and ideas together with our smart Genesif charts. Easily link words you write to the analysis on the chart to paint a clearer picture.

Direct Messages

Have something you’d like to take offline with your community? Then simply direct message him/her. The Genesif platform also allows you to restrict different ranks of users from messaging each other (eg. you might not want a guest to come in and Direct Message all your users).

Collaboration with Analysis Overlap

Your community will be able to overlap the different analysis each person does with our Genesif charts. See the bigger picture of what everyone is discussing with our advanced collaborative features.

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