About Us

Everest Fortune Group is an Award-Winning Research House and Singapore FinTech Company (Cert No. 20060004). We work with the world’s largest brokers and financial institutions to help them better acquire, retain and grow their clients through institutional grade education, webinars and proprietary technology.

We’re the exclusive distributor of the Genesiv platform for brokers that is used to build the VIP portal of brokers.

Meet the Team

Desmond heads the analysis division of Everest Fortune Group. He previously advised the trading desks of banks & hedge funds such as Goldman Sachs, & is one of the top authors on tradingview. He pushes the boundaries of fintech with Everest Fortune Group & invests heavily in the R&D of cutting edge trading technologies.

Desmond Leong


Andrew is the COO of Everest Fortune Group. His meticulousness helps bring balance to the brother duo tag team - ensuring all systems are running smoothly.

Andrew Leong


Cassandra is part of the team here at Everest Fortune Group and specializes in Elliott Wave theory, Fibonacci, Harmonics, Market Structure, Oscillators and Supply/Demand. She manages over 300K of her own funds and has passed FTMO thrice.

Cassandra Ng

Prop Trader

Chloris is an investment analyst specializing in the mandarin webinars. She focuses on a strong blend of fundamental and technical analysis to forecast accurate price movements.

Chloris Kang

Investment Analyst

Melanie is an Investment Research Analyst at the award winning research firm, Everest Fortune Group. She specialises in combining fundamental forecasts with the precision of technical analysis to identify profitable trading setups.

Melanie Chong

Investment Analyst

Joe Ann is an investment analyst at the award-winning Everest Fortune Group. He specializes in quantitative analysis and financial modelling of different types of assets including securities, private equities, cryptocurrencies and hedge funds.

Lim Joe Ann

Investment Analyst

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