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Award-Winning Research House specialising in Forex, Indices, Equities, Commodities and Cryptocurrencies.

Award-Winning Research House specialising in Forex, Indices, Equities, Commodities and Cryptocurrencies.

Everest Fortune Group (EFG) is an Award-Winning Research House based in Singapore. EFG focuses on providing their analysis expertise and proprietary technologies to Financial Institutions. They also bridge the gap between Financial Institutions and their consumers, providing retail investors with insights and technologies to become successful traders. EFG currently runs the analysis division of 14 of the largest brokerages and currency exchanges worldwide, providing high-quality, time-sensitive analysis to help balance their currency risk exposure. Our fintech arm pushes the limits of trading technologies, with our recent milestones include successful development of our Modular Live Trading Room and our MT4 toolbox.

Why Everest Fortune Group
Highly Trusted

Everest Fortune Group is the trusted provider of daily technical and fundamental analysis to 14+ of the world’s largest brokerages and currency exchanges. We specialize in time sensitive & actionable technical analysis with strong focus on key inflexion points.

Quality Research

We have a well-qualified and experienced team of analysts. Our research is updated regularly and provides new trading insights & timely market intelligence for all our clients.

We allow for white-labelling of our reports for distribution to your clients. For more information, you can leave a message and we will be in touch shortly.

Wide Coverage

We offer comprehensive coverage with both technical and fundamental analysis covering Forex, Indices, Equities, Cryptocurrency and Commodities. With our wide scope of coverage, we are able to customise our reports with precision to cover only what you require.

State-of-the-Art Technology

We’re on the cutting edge of developing proprietary trading technology to empower traders & brokers. We developed the first Live Trading Room. Our other proprietary MT4 trading tools, such as the MT4 Trade Manager EA and the MT4 Support & Resistance Indicator, are also recognised as the top few in the market.

We were awarded the Most Innovative Forex Company 2018 at the Global Brands Awards 2018 in Macau.

The Team

Desmond Leong

Desmond heads the analysis division of EFG. He previously advised the trading desks of banks & hedge funds such as Goldman Sachs, & is one of the top authors on tradingview. He pushes the boundaries of fintech with EFG & invests heavily in the R&D of cutting edge trading technologies.


Andrew Leong

Andrew manages all aspects of EFG and ensures all our cutting edge IT systems are performing smoothly. He ensures that EFG runs smoothly and delivers excellence while always being on the forefront of developing new systems that pushes the boundaries of MT4 and trading.

Investment Analyst

Ella Lan

Ella constantly monitors the markets for good trading opportunities and is our go-to person for Fundamental Analysis. She has experience in equity analysis with a buy-side fund house, and is a CFA® Charterholder. Ella loves cats and bunnies.

Investment Analyst

Li Xing Gan

Li Xing is one of the skilled analyst monitoring the markets for good trading opportunities. She is also in the front lines of answering questions particularly pertaining to technical analysis, postition management and trading. She has a passion for ballet and is a terrific pianist.

Digital Marketing & Business Development

Sheryl Low

Sheryl conceptualizes and designs ads, marketing material and collateral that bring out the EFG brand. She works closely with the management team, scouting for opportunities to build the brand’s presence both digitally and physically.