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Helping brokers build a thriving community

Hosted on https://vip.axi.com - the Axi VIP room is specially for Axi live account holders. In the VIP room, users can get direct access to an award winning team of traders who are able to guide and educate them while sharing trading ideas - all in a strictly legally compliant manner.

From customizable privacy policies, to audit logs and even IP recorded disclaimer acceptance, the VIP room helps brokers build their community in a stable, scalable and legally compliant manner.

Everest Fortune Group is the exclusive distributor of the Genesiv broker platform.

Directly integrated into Vantage Markets' client portal via API and labelled as their Live Trading Room. Users need to simply click on a single button to trigger a secure and encrypted access into the VIP room with different access level granted based on their account size.

Everest Fortune Group is the exclusive distributor of the Genesiv broker platform.


Educate and engage your traders‚Äč

Weekly high touch and personalized educational webinars for IC Markets' clients - done in English, Chinese and Bahasa Indonesia. Covers our institutional angle on many of the common trading topics and strategies. Catered strategically for beginner, intermediate and advanced traders.

Our famous weekly YouTube live market analysis webinars show us looking at the markets in real-time and making bold calls with a hit rate of over 80% on our calls. We engage and build relationships with the audience and help build good brand association with the broker.

A tailored series to teach traders to "Go Live in 30 days" touching on the basics of forex trading and everything they need to know.

Follow-up series to "Go Pro in 30 days" helps take traders to the next level.

The official educators for XM Singapore - bringing daily high grade educational webinars and market analysis to Singaoreans.

We conduct specialty webinars for Tickmill which includes panel discussions and topics revolving around Cryptocurrency.

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Actionable and accurate market research

Daily technical and fundamental analysis distributed on their blog, telegram and VIP room. Analysis is 100% legally compliant by using terminologies that are approved by compliance.

Daily market analysis using technical and fundamentals. Incorporates the Genesiv research portal to better explain the analysis that is done through its hover-highlight feature.

Daily technical and fundamental analysis including distributing it on the TMGM blog, telegram and preparing the template for distribution on Instagram.

Producing 8+ daily technical analysis for FXCM's TradingView page - helping take them to win the award for most followed broker on TradingView and winning TradingView's Social Champion 2021.

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